The Adventures of Terrence and Spider: Professional Bouncers

April 29th, 2002

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“The Adventures of Terrence and Spider : Professional Bouncers” was not only Chris and Liam’s attempt to make the longest-named animation in known history, but also an ambitious attempt to create a daily flash animation for the duration of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2002.

Having never really animated anything in flash before, it came as no surprise to anyone but Chris and Liam that this was an almost impossible insane task.

They wrote and recorded voices for 22 episodes and animated 9.

The series was then shown as interstitials on Foxtel on “The Comedy Channel” in 2003.

Set outside (and inside) the “Saliva Niteclub” (the worlds poorest excuse for a night club),  Professional bouncers Terrence and Spider tackle the tough issues whilst protecting the sanctity of their patrons.

Voiced by Liam Cody, Chris Tomkins and (occasionally) Jo Stanley.

Music by Man Bites God – James Hazelden, Chris Tomkins and Mark Woodward.

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The Adventures of Terrence and Spider: Professional Bouncers