Fishing For Love

January 26th, 1998

** You will need to install Adobe Shockwave to play this game. Shockwave was the “Flash” of the 90’s. Now, not so flash. **

Eric is a misfit, filing clerk obsessed with fishing. He dreams of one day owning his own tackle store. In the meantime, he makes do as a filing clerk for an insurance company.

Susan is the smart, sassy claims officer who works on the 10th floor.

Eric wants to invite Susan on a date, but events conspire against him. His boss wants him to work back late.

Will he get the girl? Your choices will decide in this interactive comedy.


Basically, it’s an interactive story.

You get to make choices that affect whether Susan and Eric will kiss.

Mainly, you do that by using the slider on the right-hand side of the screen. Move it towards “love” for a mushy movie. Move it towards “fishing” for a more fishy story.

That’s about it really.

In 1998, Liam received a government grant to make an interactive multimedia comedy. Fishing for Love was the result.

Media Release

On Wednesday 15 April 1998, the Federal Minister for the Communication and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston, launched Australia’s Cultural Network.

Liam Cody, Gorsky and recipient of a grant from the network, was invited to speak at the launch to make it a bit interesting.

Cody received a massive $500 grant from the Byte-Sized Theatre program to make an interactive comedy. The result is Fishing for Love.

“Apart from my bit, the whole thing was pretty dull,” Cody told GORSKYS.COMedy. “Lot’s of talk about how exciting it is for art galleries to put their pictures on the web, the value of interpretative dance as an art form, that sort of thing.

“I suppose that’s why people laughed when they watched Fishing for Love.”

“The best thing was I got to tell the Arts Minister I barracked for Hawthorn. I was pretty stoked,” Cody said.

“I’m not sure the Minister was all that interested in my football preferences, now that I think about it. Probably he just thinks I’m a nut. If he even thinks of me at all.”

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Fishing For Love  

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