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Boss Needs A Bonk

April 1st, 2004
his may seem really simple, but: My boss, who is usually top bloke, is 50ish and gets really ‘anal’ sometimes which I put down to a distinct lack of ‘female companionship’. Is it appropriate for me to send a couple of hookers to his house with a note one More...

Husband Won’t Bonk

October 1st, 2003
my hausband n i am married past from 8 months, but we still dont have sex relationship ,if i ask him,he says bcoz of job tension, i know he has job tension, evn then my point is that , why he is hesitationg to have sex with me More...

I Find Both Attractive

May 24th, 2003
I find both of you VERY attractive. Which one of you should I choose? More...