Floppy Coaster Set

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Floppy Disk Drink Coaster Set

Environmentally friendly and retro hip!

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Floppy Disk Drink Coaster in use

Floppy drink coasters can be used under all types of glasses, including beer.

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Old floppy disks that you can use as drink coasters.

Protect your table top with these novelty conversation pieces.

We have a lot of old floppy disks that we could either throw into the trash, or sell online as novelty drink coasters. It’s the “re-use” part of “reduce, re-use, recycle” in action.

Of course, you could use your own old disks, but then you’d miss out on the following benefits.

  • Bonus! Each coaster in the contains a different audio commentary (MP3 player required).
  • Bonus! Artistically designed labels
  • Bonus! Special wrapping paper that you can re-use to write shopping lists on.
  • Bonus! Old rubber band included.

Each floppy drink coaster set contains 6 coasters, each made of an old floppy disk with a new label stuck onto it.

Each disk is made of plastic, and therefore possibly dishwasher safe*.

Coasters per set: 6
Made from: Old floppy disks and brand new stickers.
Cost: $10 US
Postage: Free

* Note: Disk is NOT dishwasher safe, and should not be put into a dishwasher at all.