Jennifer Lopez ruins Soccer World Cup Final

January 1st, 2002

Liam, Jennifer Lopez and Chris watching the Soccer World Cup final. J-Lo stuck to light beer.

Chris and Liam were just about to sit down to the World Cup Final between Brazil and Germany, when old friend Jennifer Lopez popped in.

“We were looking forward to great time of screaming our heads off whenever anything vaguely interesting looked like it would happen, but J-Lo kind of put a dampener on the event,” said Chris.

“My flatmate James produced a camera and she started vamping it up like his was the last Instamatic in the world.”

“It’s hard to watch the football with some shameless siren misbehaving badly for the cameras, I assure you,” said Liam. “I mean, with all that football going on, I almost completely missed the sex.”

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Jennifer Lopez ruins Soccer World Cup Final  

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