Super Life Hacks for the Modern Person

February 5th, 2014

If you don’t have a sign, just photograph someone elses sign, print and laminate and bingo, your own sign.

Life Hacks. Everyone loves them. Those simple little ideas that are destined to make your life easier in clever ways that you never imagined.

Every time I see one of those articles, it makes me wish that I’d thought of that simple solution to an everyday problem.

So I did. Here’s the Gorskys list of Life Hacks. Share them if you dare..

  • Sauce bottle clogged up? Shatter the end of the bottle over the counter to get to the delicious sauce.
  • Avoid spilling red wine on the carpet by putting it all in your mouth.
  • A 10 gallon hat can be used as a makeshift toilet.
  • Keep a laundry basket in the boot of your car in case you suddenly need to do laundry while out and about.
  • Need an answer for a tricky question? Log on to the “internet”.
  • Hiccups? Hold your breath until you pass out.
  • Stinky shoes? Buy some new ones from the shop, then throw those stinky ones out.
  • Got a personal problem? Why not post it on Facebook or Twitter for others to solve.
  • If you’re attacked by a shark, punch it in the nose. This won’t stop it attacking you, but it will make you feel more masculine in your final moments.
  • Instead of scraping ice off your car windscreen, take the bus.
  • Got a problem with a celebrity/politician/scientific theory? Make yourself feel better by trashing their wikipedia entry.
  • If you’re about to get hit by a car, stop reading this article and get the hell off the road.

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Super Life Hacks for the Modern Person