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GORSKYS.COMedy is a leading independent humour web site. Each month, we publish new articles and satire. Readers contribute their own ideas and jokes, helping to make GORSKYS.COMedy a strong and vibrant community.

It draws a world-wide audience of over 35,000 users per month.

  • 54% of them are aged 18 to 35.
  • Over 50% are based in the USA and Canada, 10% from Australia and 10% from the UK.
  • The rest are drawn from the four corners of the globe.
  • They’re smart, web-savvy and looking for fun.

Key benefits

  • Reach over 35,000 readers per month
  • Your ad seen over 1,000 times a day
  • Communicate with 18 to 35 years olds who want entertainment and amusement
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Audience breakdown by age range

Sponsorhip Options

Site sponsor

  • Includes unlimited views
  • Only your ads shown for the month
  • Up to two ads shown per page (eg: banner and skyscraper)
  • Up to 5 different ads can be included.
  • Contact Chris Tomkins for price, or make an offer!

Casual Ads

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  • Lower priority for display than targeted ads

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  • Rate varies depending on level of targeting – the more specific, the higher the rate is likely to be.

Ad type

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Site Sponsor

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Casual Ads

(minimum 50,000 views)

Targeted Ads

(eg: particular section, country, caps on display. Prices vary, and start from)

Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 Unlimited views.

No other advertisers shown.

Rectangle 180 x 150 $20 $25
Full Banner 468 x 60 $15 $19
Leaderboard 728 x 90 $20 $25
Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600 $15 $19
Skyscraper 120 x 600 $15 $19
Button 1 120 x 90 $10 $13

Note: all prices are in US dollars.

Ad locations

You can purchase a the following ad postions. Please note: for Site Sponsors, no other advertisers appear on the page.

  • Standard Banner / Leader Board – top of page
  • Sky Scraper – Side of page
  • Rectangle – Middle of body copy

How To Book A Campaign

To book a campaign, please contact Chris Tomkins.