Will My Husband Find My Secret?

November 1st, 2003

“I am not a virgin and am soon to get married.

Will my husband come to know about my not being a virgin when we have sex for the first time?

How can I hide this from him? Is there any way by which I can help not letting him know about this fact?

Please let me know soon. Thank you very much.”

Sonia Singh

Liam’s Answer

This is a tough one, Sonia. People usually ask us about how to have sex, not how to pretend they never have.

Here are a few things you should do on your wedding night to keep up the pretence that you are a virgin.

  1. When he says “How was that?”, don’t reply “I’ve had better.”
  2. When you see him naked for the first time, ask him “Why have you tied an enormous snake between your legs?”
  3. Make sure that all your videos with you and past lovers have been locked in a cupboard.

Chris’ Answer

Marriage is a relationship that should be based on trust, openess and honesty.

I sugget you do what brides have done for centuries, and take up horse riding for a few months before your nuptials.

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Will My Husband Find My Secret?