Where Can I Go To Become A Comedian

December 7th, 2006

“where can i go to become a comedian star do you have to go to school first can i joined you and be a star and make money because i am already funny.you can find no one like me just show me how and where can i go .”

david diayen

Liam’s Answer

One thing that’s really important in writing comedy is learning how to correctly punctuate, and use capital letters where appropriate. The use of punctuation is vital, as there’s an enormous difference between:

“I wanted to shoot John and Sue, my lover.”


“I wanted to shoot John and sue my lover.”

Until you can write well, you won’t be able to express ideas well. And comedy is all about the perfect expression of slightly odd ideas.

Or you could follow in Johnny Knoxfield’s shoes, and set your pubes on fire.

Chris’ Answer

The best place to go to become a “comedian star” is Kazakhstan where, as Borat has shown, speaking appalling English is a gateway to success.

There’s no actual school of comedy that you must attend. But if you’d like to send me your credit card details, I’ll happily tell you everything I know for the low, low price of $165,999.00

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Where Can I Go To Become A Comedian