What’s The Average?

May 8th, 2004

“In inches, how big is the average penis and what is small and what is large?”

Jeff Rusher

Liam’s Answer

If I had a dollar for every person who’s written to me in the last year asking me about their penis size, I wouldn’t still be paying off my membership at MassiveMember.com.

According to my research, the average penis length is about 6 inches, measured from the point where the penis meets the body along the top to its tip.

However, when comparing penis lengths, you need to consider a number of factors that the published reports don’t provide. For example, was the person doing the measuring a guy or a girl? I for one don’t know how well I’d measure up if there was some bloke kneeling before me, with a ruler and a stern look on his face.

What’s small and large really depends on your point of view, I reckon. If you’re concerned that your willy is small, my advice is date someone short. You’ll look longer that way.

About 3% of penises are less than 5 inches, and 3% over 7.5 inches.

That’s in humans. Whales penises can be 10 feet long. If they had arms, they’d have to wave to their partner and ask “Is this good for you? The signal hasn’t reached my brain yet.”

Chris’ Answer

Why is everyone so obsessed with penis length? You can barely walk down the street without some old geezer opening his overcoat and yelling “Oi, cop a look at this!”

From my observations, all penises appear to be about 6 inches longer than they should be on flashers.

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What’s The Average?