What To Get Mother For Birthday

November 1st, 2003

“My mum’s birthday is soon and I have no idea what to get that I could afford.”

luke emanuelli

Chris’ Answer

Not providing a budget to us does make this a tough one to answer, Luke. If you’d said “What can I get for about $10, life would be so much easier.

Instead, I’ll have to give you a range of gifts your mother would love, up to a price of about $10.

For $0.01 your could give her a cent, and say, “I got this new scent at the department store. I hope you like it. I think is smells good.”

For $1, you could give her a drink when it’s “Dollar Beer Night” at the local pub.

For $5, you could get her really drunk at the “Dollar Beer Night”.

For about $10, you could give her the Gorskys’ CD Licence to Fish.

Liam’s Answer

When I was a child, and I had no money, it was never a problem to get a gift for my mother. I used to give her my laundry to do.

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What To Get Mother For Birthday