What is a G-Spot?

June 14th, 2003

“What is a G-Spot?

Please help me i really need to know!

I get all these emails talking about G-spots and I don’t know what a G-Spot is.

Can you help me look it up or something?

Thank you!”


Liam’s Answer

Dawn, G-spots are basically an email spammers way of offering something to women as well as men.

Not too many women are going to send off cash for a penis enlargement.

But many women are keen to find out more about their G-spots. And a small number of those women are silly enough to send off cash in response to an email.

My advice is to wait until your batch of spam arrives, and send off your credit card details.

Chris’ Answer

The G-spot is a small area on the upper wall of the vagina, which, if stimulated, gives pleasure to the woman. Many women report intense orgasms when their G-spot is stimulated.

It was discovered in 1944 by Dr Ernst Grafenberg. Given that women have had vaginas for a very long time, it’s odd that it took so long for someone to find it, and even odder that it was a man.

Still, that’s German doctors for you: obsessive.

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What is a G-Spot?