What Do Guys Prefer?

March 1st, 2004

“Do guys prefer virgins or someone experienced?”

Jennifer Shiemann

Liam’s Answer

I can’t speak for the rest of the men on the planet, but I’m not going to turn away any girl who wants to have sex with me, regardless of her status.

Chris’ Answer

Assuming you’re a virgin, the best way to find out the answer to this is go to the pub, get horrendously drunk, and to offer to have sex with the first bloke who takes your fancy. Tell him you’re a virgin, and don’t want to ‘save yourself’ any more.

Make sure you’re both drunk enough that he has no qualms about taking you home and shagging you silly.

The next day, tell him you love him.

If he never calls you again, he prefers virgins.

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What Do Guys Prefer?