Wants A Cute Nickname

January 1st, 1997

“My girlfriend wants me to call her cute nick names but I don’t know what to use.”

Joe Looez

Liam’s Answer

What is it about chicks that they want to be called “snookums”? You don’t find many blokes who actually enjoy being called “huggly wuggly”.

But girls love it. And the more embarrassing the name you give them, the more they love you.

And strangely, it’s the one time you can suggest your girlfriend is fat without making her cry. Make the most of it.

What I do with my girlfriend is really try to test the limits. I started with “Cuddly Wuddly”, and thought she’d hit me, but no. I moved on to alternating that with “Pillow willlow”, which cleverly suggests she’s fat AND thin at the same time.”

My generous love handler” tends to get below the radar.

Don’t take it too far, though. I’ve onl had bad experiences with “Elastic Waist-banded Angel”.

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Wants A Cute Nickname