I Want To Be Vegan

January 1st, 1998

“I’m a vegetarian but I want to become a vegan but I can’t resist the temptation of mozzarella. And, yeah, I have some sleeping disorders and tend to observe a blank wall if I’m alone.”

Ulrika Thomas

Jo’s Advice

Firstly, I must admit you’re asking the wrong person here. Meat for me isn’t so much a dietary preference, than a way of life.

Don’t get me wrong – I love vegetarian food. But I can’t help but think that the vegie curry would be improved with a lean piece of lamb. Give me a slab of steak with my vegies, plenty of mince in my lasagne and a healthy combo of salami and ham on my vegetarian pizza and I’m as happy as a pig in…well, a pig in my belly (’cause truly I’m sure they’re fulfilled knowing their death is all in aid of my bacon and eggs.)

So when you start talking going without meat, and if that isn’t masochistic enough, giving up all meat products (which is just crazy talk, if you ask me), all I can do is point out what you’re missing.

I like to think of meat as the spice in life. Vegies are like all the things in life you do that are good – go to school or work, contribute to society, be kind to your neighbour, let someone into your lane ahead of you.

Meat is the stuff that just plain feels good. It’s the party on a weekend, the holiday romance that’s more wicked than wise, a juicy piece of gossip, your favourite tele show on a week night. Its flavoursome, chewy and fills you right up. And if none of that sounds appealing, it keeps you interested in things other than blank walls.

Now, if you’ve got the strength, put a mirror on that wall you seem so obsessed with, take a good long hard look at yourself in it, and do something to spark up your life. I recommend a juicy BBQ fry up with lamb chop, steak and continental sausage.

After all, variety is the spice of life.

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I Want To Be Vegan