Want To Be A Gigolo

July 21st, 2003

“Like most men, I’d like to get laid more often. I have discovered that you can become a male gigolo – this way you get paid to have sex.

Is this as good as it sounds? If so where can i find me a pimp?”

Don Juan de Marco

Liam’s Answer

Being a gigolo or male prostitute is many men’s idea of heaven. You get paid hundreds of dollars to have sex four and five times a day. That’s a lot of rumpy-pumpy, and a lot of cash.

What many men forget is who their customers will be.

Unless you have a penchant for huge, fat women, old, ugly women, or women with such hideous facial scarring that they can’t pick up in a nightclub, even at the end of the night, then this is not the job for you.

Chris’ Answer

I think every man should get a job as a gigolo. You get to travel, meet new people, and have sex with them.

The hardest part, unfortunately, is finding someone who will act as your pimp. You’ll be so busy shagging gorgeous babes for cash, that you won’t have time to answer the phone. You need someone else to arrange your ‘dates’.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Competition for pimps can be fierce, and other gigolos will often beat you to death rather than let you meet their pimp.

My advice is to go to your local police station. Tell them you think you saw a pimp trying to sell a gigolo’s services on the street. Ask to have a look at their mug shots to help identify him. This way, you’ll see hundreds of photos of known pimps. Memorise them.

Stroll the streets, and when you see one you recognise, offer your services.

Just pray he’s not one of those “alternative pimps”, where you have to have sex with lots of men.

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Want To Be A Gigolo