Want Summer Fling To Last All Winter

January 1st, 1997

“Well…..me and this guy met in the summer through my best friend. We started off great from the beginning. he just broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years so he said that he wasn’t ready for a relationship. I said that was okay.

So me and him, for two and a half months hung out every day, hooked up all the time.

It was like a summer fling. Except he didn’t treat it like that. He treated me exactly like I was his girlfriend. but any way, one day out of the blue he tells my friend that he cant “fool around with me” anymore. he didn’t even give a reason. Well me and him stayed good friends for like a month after that. but now he never talkes to me anymore. Its been four months now since we have been over and I still like him SOOO much. He has a new girlfriend and it drives me absolutly insane to see them together. What should I do?

I am going nuts! PLEASE help!”

Hannah Meredith Giles

Jo’s Advice

Yeah, there are a lot of things you should do, not the least of them being some English grammar lessons. Once translated, your problem is very simple, someone you like no longer likes you.

Well, big deal baby, that’s one of the realities of our existence. What should you do? You should probably just get on with your life, I think it’s clear that’s exactly what he’s done.

You haven’t spoken in at least 3 months and he has another girlfriend. I suspect he’s not sitting at home mooning over you, unless you still have one of his favourite t-shirts. If you do, I suggest you burn it, or sell it in a garage sale so at least you’ve profited in some way from your relationship. Then, with the bucks you make from selling all of the precious pieces of crap he gave you over the long two and a half months you shared, invest in some self-improvement courses.

And whatever you do, don’t write him a letter – it won’t work in your favour.

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Want Summer Fling To Last All Winter