Want A Better Life For My Son

May 24th, 2003

“I’m 22 and a single parent to my 1 and a half year old son. I feel I will never have anything to look forward to like my own house or a new car or even a husband. I feel as if i was driving down the road and ran into a brick wall and automatically stopped.

I am depressed because I wanted my son to have the life I never had. I can’t even find a job. What should I do? or what can I do?”


Liam’s Answer

Nancy, it’s hard to keep on grinding along day in, day out, when nothing seems to be going your way. It’s hard, but you have to have hope.

Have you seen “As Good As It Gets”?

It was about a single mum having a shitty life. She met an author, and ended up falling in love and living happily ever after.

It won best actor and best actress Oscars in 1998, and took over $313 million at the box office.

What you need to do is write a movie that’s as popular. You’ll be able to afford a whole fleet of new cars, and men will throw themselves at you, and your son will have a fantastic life as a Hollywood brat.

Go for it!

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Want A Better Life For My Son