Vacuum Accident

September 15th, 2003

“I once tried to elongate my penis, by inserting it into a vacuum cleaner. Well, needless to say, I really messed myself up bad. I actually had to have surgery on the little nubber because of this.

Any advice?

Please help.”


Liam’s Answer

David, yours is a common problem. Every man has looked at his willy at one stage, and thought “I’m bored. And I’m sure that Dust Buster has been winking at me provocatively. Wow. The thought of turning on the Hoover is really turning me on. How long until Mum’s due back from the shops?”

Of course, most of us have been luckier than you, and haven’t just upgraded to the top of the range Dyson only days before.

Needing an expensive operation to repair the damage is a bummer. But look on the bright side.

You’ve got a life free of house work. No one will never let you use the vacuum cleaner again

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Vacuum Accident