Used By Girls

October 1st, 2003

“I always get used by girls. To buy them cigs, alcohol, etc. But then after partying i never get any.

You got any tips to fix up my game….it really sucks”

C. Pooper

Liam’s Answer

It’s important to realise that girls are confusing. Buy them cigarettes and they’ll want chocolates. Buy them beer and they’ll want roses. Buy them star wars figurines and they’ll want sparkly jewelry.

Totally weird.

Instead of buying them stuff, learn to play the guitar. Then buy some cheap, unknown artist lovesong CD’s, learn to play the songs, and then tell a girl you wrote the song for them.

The only problem is when the artist unexpectedly has a breakthrough smash with what your girlfriend beleives is “her song”. You’ll be forced to spend millions of dollars suing the artist for stealing the song you stole from him in the first place. After years in court, yur girlfriend will probably end up dating one of the jurors.

Chris’ Answer

The trick here is to stop buying the girls stuff, and start stealing stuff from them. Then you will have their respect and also their stuff.

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Used By Girls