Tyrant or Physics Teacher?

August 17th, 2008

“i hate my physics teacher!!!!!!!! he humilated me and gave me a low grade just because i can’t answer his question’s since his questions are not in the range for highschool some are questions in collage level and if you do something wrong he yells and gives us a stupid quiz that we even do not know about the topic”

Florencio Torres

Gavins Answer

Maybe you are just being too nice to him and your attitude is being met with an equal and opposite reaction. That’s how physics works.

Alternatively, your low grades may be the result of your inability to form grammatically correct sentences, punctuate or spell correctly.

In your defence, it isn’t fair that he should subject you to ‘collage’ level physics. Trying to solve equations relating to the physical dynamics and properties of magazine cut-outs and glue can be very difficult.

All the best

Gavin Baskerville

James’ Answer

What? A teacher gave you a low grade for not being able to answer his questions? What next? More sarcasm from me probably.

Oh, if you want to avoid humiliation – asking a comedy website for advice is not the best approach.

D+ – must try harder.

James Hazelden

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Tyrant or Physics Teacher?