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October 23rd, 2006

“Am I a stalker?

I broke up with my ex and still text him. He doesn’t reply but still I text him.

Please help”

michaela coles

Chris’ Advice

One of the biggest problems I find in the design of text messaging systems is the lack of a ‘message received’ confirmation. Sure your phone tells you the message is sent, but unlike email, there’s nothing to let you know the person at the other end actually got the message or read it.

This then leads to me sending the same message three times, with sixteen follow up messages saying “Did you get my first message?”

Even then, a “yes” doesn’t really help. Which message did they think was the first? Was it the first one I sent, or the first one they received – and they may not be the same one.

So then I have to text back and explain my dilemma and ask them to text me back what I said in the first message they got. And more often than not, it seems the first thing I ask people is “Fuck off!”

I really hate text messages. I’ve found it’s easier just to phone people and talk to them. Except if they’ve got voicemail. Then, I enter a whole other kind of hell.

Liam’s Advice

Micheala, I’m sorry to say it, but if your ex-boyfriend’s anything like me, the reason he’s not texting you back is because he’s changed his number.

In my experience, ex-girlfriends just ask things like “Why don’t you love me any more?”, “What’s she got that I don’t have?” or “Can you please return my car asap?”

These are not questions that can be answered in less than 160 characters. And if I’m out trying to find the new love of my life, the last thing I’m going to do is wear out my thumb spending good money on a text message which could more profitably be spent buying the hot chick sitting at the end of the bar a Cosmopolitan.

So the first thing I do after phoning a girl to dump her is to call my phone company and get the number changed. Your ex has probably done the same. I suggest you start flirting with his number’s new owner. You never know, he may help you forget the last one.

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TXT Stalker