Too Tall For A Boyfriend?

February 15th, 2003

“I really want a boyfriend! I’m pretty popular but I’m 5’6″ and I’m 12. I’ve had 1 boyfriend before but we broke up. How can I get a boyfriend but not be self-conscious about my height? P.S. I’m taller than anyone in my grade!”

Lorrie Loneco

Liam’s Answer

I remember when I was 12. The thought of a girlfriend was sweet and innocent. There was laughter and joy and holding hands. Hardly like the heartache, pain and bondage handcuffs it actually turned out to be.

Revel in the fact that 5’6″ makes you tall, Lorrie. It won’t last long. Soon, someone will hit puberty, and you’ll be the shortest girl in school.

As for getting a boyfriend but not being self-conscious about your height. My advice is to date an 18 year old. As a fully grown man, he’ll think 5’6″ is normal.

It may not lead to heartache and pain, but he’ll definitely experinece the handcuffs when your father finds out.

Chris’ Answer

If you think you are too tall for boys to like you, why not spend a day walking around on your knees? That will make you very popular.

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Too Tall For A Boyfriend?