To Pube Or Not To Pube

May 8th, 2004

“Do guys prefer pubic hair or no pubic hair?”

stacey love

Chris’ Answer

Pube fashion spotting is hard work. Enjoyable, but hard.

A quick image search on the web reveals thousands of photos of naked women, many of whom are completely devoid of pubic hair. Many are also devoid of clothes, making it harder to tell whether the photo is up to the minute fashion, or taken in the early 80’s.

However, the recent spate of articles about the joys of Brazillian waxing and intimate shaving suggests that pubic hair seems to be out of fashion at the moment.

Fashion is usually silly. We laugh, for example, at the ancient Egyptians, who used to use crushed beetles and camel dung as mascara. Yet no one seems to bat an eye at the thought of healthy young women whacking hot wax on their genitals and having it ripped off quickly.

So, Stacey, the real question is, which do you prefer? Walking in agony as the wounds heal, or feeling fashionably follicle-free?

Liam’s Answer

With or without pubic hair? Well, it depends. For example, I prefer my coffee completely free of pubic hair. On my girlfriend, though, it’s not quite so revolting.

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To Pube Or Not To Pube