To Idol Or Not To Idol

May 17th, 2007

“Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me out here.

I have been under a fair bit of pressure of late, from people telling me to enter Australian Idol. Now I hate the show (I only watch it for the auditions at the beginning). But then again, I thought about it, and I realised…it would give me a leg up in the music industry.

Now I know I can sing, and I sing at karaoke and all that, getting encores and whatnot, and I can get on a stage no worries and be fine….but I still don’t know what to do…

What do you think? Think I should?”

Luke T

Liam’s Answer

To be an Idol or not to be an Idol, that is the question.

To put it another way, to have credibility, or to be on TV?

Clearly being on TV trumps everything else. Even if it’s just five seconds of you screeching out “Wind Beneath My Wings” in the quick “what on earth made these losers thing they could sing?” segment. Even if it’s a quick shot of the back of your head as you line up for auditions. Even if it’s a shot of the back of the head of the guy behind you in the line. Being on TV is what it’s all about.

Whatever you can do to be on TV makes it worthwhile. Because being on TV makes you famous. It makes you real. It proves to the Univesre that you exist and you’re special.

And I know because I’ve been on TV. Sure, it was only for a second and it was really the back of tyhe head of the guy behind me in the line. But that was close enough because it was Chris who was behind me, so now the back’s of both our heads have been on TV.

Everyone who’s ever appeared n Idol has gone on to a super-successful career. Mostly those careers are not in singing but as shop assistants, but they’re careers. And if you’re truly lucky, you may even crack a “Whatever Happened To…” spot on the online edition of the show. And that’s being on the Internet, which is even better than being on TV. And I know, because I am on the Internet, and so I have an official excuse to surf the web whenever I feel like it.
Karaoke is wonderful training for Idol. As an art form, neither has any credibility whatsoever, and they’re both best when you’re drunk.

I’d say you’re perfectly prepared. Good luck in your dreams. I know I’ll b e voting for you online and via SMS.

Chris’ Answer

Luke. Being on Australian Idol will certainly bring you fame. But only infamy in the music industry. In the music industry you will be always known as an Australian Idol finalist.

When you appear at shopping centres, people will introduce you as an Australian Idol finalist. When you appear on talk shows, you will be an Australian Idol finalist. Then, in 10 years time, when the music industry is comprised entirely of Australian Idol finalists, you will be judged by your peers on your real talent and not popularity with the Australian audience. Then you will discover that the industry is only interested in people 10 years younger than you, and ask you to write songs for the new Australian Idol finalists and to perform jingles for radio.

The only way to get ever-lasting fame with Australian Idol is to win. Then overdose.

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To Idol Or Not To Idol