Thin Skinned

October 1st, 2003

“I am an Indian girl and I stand tall quite tall in my society. I am 174 cm.

Added to this, I have the worlds worst skin. I mean it’s paper thin type (a very very rare phenomenon ,maybe one in ten million, probably. The docs I have consulted have never seen a patient like me).

I also have scars on my hands and legs.

Well all this shattered my dreams of being in airlines or a model.

I feel so different at times. Do we have a problem here?”

heavy heart grief

Liam’s Answer

When I’m feeling down, I try to think of the things that make me special. Often, I struggle to come up with anything, but that’s because feeling bad about yourself uniquely disables your capacity to think up nice things.

Which is why when I’m feeling good about myself, I find a piece of paper, and write lists of “great things about me”, which I can pull out, and read in my dark moments.

Often, I lose that bit of paper, and my dark moments go on unchecked.

You’re a lot luckier than me. With skin like yours, there’s no shortage of paper.

And, as a girl with a one in 10 million skin condition, you’re much more special, than for example, a girl with pimples. So you should feel good about that, I guess.

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Thin Skinned