Tell Dad about quitting job

August 11th, 2004

“I want to tell my father I am quitting my job. I know he’ll go skitz.

How and when should I tell him.”

ler jenes

Liam’s Answer

If he’ll go nuts on you, I suggest that the best time to tell him is while he’s sedated and securely restrained in a straight jacket.

Chris’ Answer

Parents often get angry when you tell them that you’re chucking in your career in favour of a life sitting on their couch , watching cable TV and eating baked beans on toast.

They assume that, just because you’ve chosen a life of indolence, you’ll be a failure in life.

How wrong they are.

It takes real guts to eat baked beans on toast. They taste revolting, and cause outrageous bouts of farting.. And daytime TV is absolutely appallingly bad. Giving up a paid job to subject yourself to such torture is an act of inner-resolve, not an admission of failure.

However, making your Dad understand that will be harder than it’s worth. Instead, you need to find the positive aspects of your move, and sell quitting your job as a positive career move.

I suggest that you respond to one of those spam emails that offer you the opportunity to make over $5,000 per week by working from home. That way, instead of telling your Dad that you’ve quit your job, you can tell him that you’ve gone into business for yourself.

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Tell Dad about quitting job