Teletubby Tantrums

February 8th, 2001

I have a 3 year old who is addicted to television. Whenever I switch the tv off, he screams, jumps up and down and throws his teletubby at me. How can I break him of his habit?

Cynthia Hall

Jo’s Advice

Ah, yes my partner has a similar problem, only he throws his smelly socks. Believe me the Teletubby is far preferable.

While this is probably no consolation, you have here the opportunity to right the wrongs of women, well at least your future daughter-in-law. It’s up to you to train your little darling that there’s more to life than football, home improvement, and Jennifer Anniston’s arse. I mean, Totally Wild, Play School and High 5. You need to teach your son that there’s nothing more enjoyable than cooking, cleaning and time with your loved one.

To do this, when he screams put some food in his mouth, when he jumps up and down make sure he’s holding a broom, and, it sounds harsh, but to teach him respect you may even need to withhold the pleasures of the Teletubby.

He’ll soon learn you can’t just dribble on it and throw it away and expect the Teletubby to be there to pick up the pieces when the rest of his toys aren’t working.

Either that or he’ll develop a deep-seated resentment of his mother, which later in life will make him side with his wife in all family disputes. Which isn’t a bad thing.

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Teletubby Tantrums