Sweet 14

October 1st, 2003

“Well Gorskys, I need some help on this one. I have a really good guy friend…he’s such a good friend that I’ve liked/loved him for the past two years. Yes, I know how sad that is.

My question is: Is it possible to be in love at age 14?”

~Dot~ Dot

Liam’s Answer

14 is an excellent age to be in love.

Being younger than 14 and in love involves a lot of hitting and teasing of the one you love.

Being much older than 14 and in love just gets messy and confusing.

Chris’ Answer

It’s definitely possible to be in love at the age of 14.

For example, at the age of 14 I was in love with Tegan from the cult television series Dr. Who. She was beautiful and one day I even tried to kiss the television screen.

Your romantic interest is much more healthy, and is less likely to lead to electrocution.

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Sweet 14