Is It Suicide or Murder?

May 5th, 2002

“If you were to kill your clone would it be considered suicide?”

Mike Robinson

Liam’s Answer

Good question. Damn good question.

And if you shagged your clone, would you be gay, or just masturbating?

The answer lies in the question of whether your clone, genetically identical to you, is in fact a person or just a part of you, a set of spare parts just waiting to be harvested.

I know which one I reckon the jury will go for.

Here’s what I’d do if I’d accidentally killed my clone in an over enthusiastic session of ‘self-love’.

Not tell anybody. At all. Ever.

Just pretend your clone has gone on holidays to see all the sites for you. After a few years, if people are still asking, explain that your clone got a job as Mickey Mouse in Disneyland. Show them photos of kids with Mickey to prove it.

Good luck.

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Is It Suicide or Murder?