Studying A Waste Of Time

September 15th, 2003

“The teachers are trying to make us study, and they are talking about study skills and time management. I get none of it!

You have obviously got far in life. Guys what are your study tips?!”


Liam’s Answer

Teachers are so boring, aren’t they. They tell you how important it is to study and work hard and do well in school so you can go to university and get a good paying job.

Well, the next time your teacher tries to tell you that stuff, ask this simple question. “How did you get to be a teacher?”

They’ll tell you how they studied, and worked hard, and went to university.

Then, ask them how much they get paid.

Your teacher will stop a moment. Think. Then burst into tears as they realise their life is a waste.

And the boring lectures will stop. At least for six months while they’re on stress leave.

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Studying A Waste Of Time