Dad Got More Than He Bargained For

April 25th, 2005

“My dad is a businessman and he often has some clients come to the house to discuss work in the living room.

So one day one other businessman brought over his gorgeous son, and we were left alone. We had the hottest sex ever and when we were leaving my room, his dad said jokingly “What have you been up to?! You look all flustered.”

So we got really nervous and my dad and Mike’s dad got the picture.

I am so embarrassed I can’t look at my dad any more, I bet he thinks I’m a slut. What do I do?”

Jodie Holland

Liam’s Answer

Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to mix business with pleasure? This is exactly the sort of situation that the age-old maxim is designed to avoid.

If your Dad had any sense, he’d immediately double his prices for Mike’s dad, whose embarrassment would make him only too happy to pay up.

Seducing client’s sons isn’t strictly a crime, but if it becomes a habit, people may begin to question your father’s business practices.

If there’s one thing a girl can be sure of, it’s that her father will be devastated when he realises she’s no longer his little girl, but instead, an all-grown-up woman.

Admittedly, this devastation is not so great as the day he finds out his son has become an all-grown-up woman, but it’s still devastating.

Your best bet is to apologise to your father. Tell him it was a mistake, that when you heard him say he really wanted to screw this client, you thought he meant it literally.

Chris’ Answer

My goodness. What the hell did you think you were doing?

You’re sitting around the house, a guy turns up whose such a loser he hangs out with his Dad, and you seduce him?

Surely you could have shown some restraint. Said something like “I like you , but let’s wait until after negotiations are completed.”

To avoid this problem in the future, suggest that your dad hold his business meetings in nightclubs, so that if you do pick up, it’s a more natural environment.

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Dad Got More Than He Bargained For