Shakira In The Shower

January 1st, 2002

“Hey, I share apartment with my girlfriend and her sister.

One morning my girlfriend was singing in the shower and she sounded exactly like Shakira.

That turned me on, so I went in and it was one of my girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend in there. I screamed and ran out. But now my girlfriend laughs at me and I need to convince her that I am not a perverted gay.

Please help me.

Oh, yes, also, how can a man sound so much like Shakira? That is seriously disturbing.”

Dunn Lewis

Chris’ Answer

You may not be gay, Dunn, but you are perverted. Who the hell ever heard of being turned on by the sound of Shakira?

Liam’s Answer

Small mistakes in happy times are what strengthens and reinforces relationships. The broccoli between the teeth of your first kiss; the misheard song lyric that means the you both now think Eminem is cute; the time you accidentally hopped into the wrong car and kissed the driver. These form the happy moments that together you can look back on, laugh about and remember.

storming into a bathroom with a raging erection and crying out “Let’s shag baby” to another bloke sadly goes way beyond the boundaries.

Your girlfriend is quite right to tease you.

Unfortunately, your only hope now is to change lovers.

Perhaps the guy in the shower may be interested?

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Shakira In The Shower