Sex Overdrive

January 1st, 1997

“I am engaged to a wonderful man, the problem is I am more sexually oriented than he is. He doesn’t hardly want to do it or he gets upset if I bring it up too much. What do I do?”


Jo’s Advice

Surprise, surprise. You’re with a man who can’t please you. Well, my God, it’s not like that problem is new. Dissatisfied women have been around since time began, we just never heard about them. Truly.

Ever since the first cave woman looked favourably on a long rounded piece of stone (the smart ones attaching a cicada to the opposing end) have women felt it necessary to compensate for their mate’s inadequacies.

So. Get yourself a vibrator. Subscribe to a sexy magazine (Australian Women’s Forum my personal favourite). Find yourself a tantric masseuse. And don’t be ashamed.

I’m sure your man is wonderful. I’m sure he satisfies you in many other ways – be they intellectual, emotional or economical. He just doesn’t cut the mustard, so you gotta look after yourself. No shame there. Do it openly and with pride. Make sure your partner knows what you’re doing and why. You never know, he may just join in.

PS. Please be impressed that I left the sexually suggestive phrase “he gets upset if I bring it up too much” well alone – it took a great deal of self-control.

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Sex Overdrive