Robbing Wrongly

January 1st, 2001

“I have this problem. Since I was 19 years old I have been robbing liquor stores. On average I rob about 23 a year. Altogether I have robbed about 118.

Thats not my problem though. My problem is that whenever I go into a liquor store to rob it, it all goes terribly wrong.

I’ve got a gun and everything (a really big one )and I always keep calm. It’s when I actually walk up the cashier when it goes wrong.

I’ll walk up to the cashier all calm and then I suddenly shout out, “Give me a snack size mars bar before I blow your head off.”

When I walk out the front door I realise what I have done.

Can you help me with my problem?”

jamie pohed (not poo head)

Liam’s Answer

How annoying to risk twenty years in jail for armed robbery and just get a snack-sized Mars Bar. That’s gotta make you feel crap. You’ve done 118 armed robberies, and got away with the equivalent of four Mars Fun Packs.

Next time you’re going to rob a liquor store, I suggest you smoke a couple of joints, then wait until the munchies kick in.

Then, you’ll at least steal a packet of Tim Tams as well.

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Robbing Wrongly