Who Was Prince Albert?

July 21st, 2003

“How did the piercing “the Prince Albert” get its name? I’ve got one but I really don’t know the history behind it.

Can you help?”

Ian Hutchinson

Liam’s Answer

Prince Albert was the husband of Queen Victoria of England. She reigned from 1837 until her death in 1901.

The Victorian era was renowned for its firm morals and strong sexual repression.

A “Prince Albert” is a genital piercing through the end of a man’s penis.

I have to say that I can’t for the life of my imagine why on earth anyone would whop their willy on a table to be skewered with a knitting needle. But maybe it’s just me.

In this modern day and age of painkillers, antibiotics and sterile equipment, piercing is relatively safe. In Victorian England, they hadn’t even discovered anaesthetic.

The chances of Prince Albert having a “prince albert” are therefore probably remote.

Either that, or he was more insane than I thought.

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Who Was Prince Albert?