Potter Look-alike

December 1st, 2003

“I look like Harry Potter what do I do?”

linda barber

Chris’ Answer

Whatever you do, keep away from J K Rowling. She has vicious lawyers who will slap a breach of trademark law suit on you in about two poofteenths of a second. You’ll be forced to have plastic surgery to remove the unsightly lightning bolt scar from your forehead, and they’ll make you trade in your geeky spectacles for contact lenses.

On second thoughts, you might like to send a photo of yourself to J K. Given who you look like, a free make over wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Liam’s Answer

Congratulations Linda. Yours is a million dollar face. That’s how much you can sue J K Rowling for.

She has obviously stolen your likeness and used you as the subject of a popular children’s book series. She has slandered you by suggesting you deal with magic and the dark arts. She has made you look like a fool, highlighting your poor dating prowess with that Fleur Delacore incident in the Goblet of Fire. She has even suggested you are a homosexual, living inside a closet.

Sue Linda, sue!

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Potter Look-alike