Parents Forbid Our Love

June 13th, 2002

“I like this guy who is 6 years older than me and he likes me, but my parents would never let me see him if they found out that we like each other. What should I do?”


Chris’ Answer

It’s tricky when your parents don’t approve of your selected partner. The problem is that they dom’t ever get to see your lover’s secret side; that tender, inner-child that only reveals itself in your most intimate moments. And they can never understand just what a good kisser he is.

And if they wanted to find out, you’d be a little bit worried, I reckon.

My advice is to keep your love secret. You don’t want to know all about your parents bonking, and frankly, they don’t want to know about you.

If they do ask you about your love life, be like Britney Spears and pretend you’re a virgin.

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Parents Forbid Our Love