Pants Dance

January 1st, 1997

“A couple of weeks ago I was out with the boys having a couple of “quieties” when I inexplicably found myself dancing in a cage wth no pants on and a belt around my neck.

My problem is that the people at work found out about this and expect repeat performances at all our staff functions.

Am I too attractive?”

Over-active Guy

Jo’s Advice

No, buddy, you’re a freak show, a circus, their very own Amsterdam red light district.

Don’t be flattered by their requests, be worried. If they’re calling for a repeat performance with a camera in hand, you’re going to end up on the internet with a donkey strategically superimposed over your girating image.

If they’re throwing tomatoes its cause they want you to add them to your act.

Your work mates see this as an opportunity to exploit an exhibitionist and make some cashola.

I recommend you take the bull by the horns, and do some marketing yourself. This could be your big new career, the possibilities are endless.

I hear Puppetry of the Penis are holding auditions.

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Pants Dance