Why Is He Obsessed With My Age?

August 22nd, 2002

“My boyfriend just broke up with me and I asked him why and he said it was because of my age but hes 18 and I’m almost 16.

What is his obsession with age??”

Megan Michelle

Liam’s Answer

Two words: Crimes Act. He’s 18, you’re 15. That difference is seven years where I come from.

Chris’ Answer

This may come as a shock Megan, but your boyfriend doesn’t love you because of that time you had a pimple.

Remember, two Saturday’s ago, when you had a huge pimple on your forehead and your mother said the fringe covered it, but you weren’t so sure it wasn’t peeking through.

Well, he saw it. No man will ever love you again. being 18 and going out with a pimply kid is just too embarrassing for him.

Which is why you should stick to pimply 16 year olds for the next couple of years.

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Why Is He Obsessed With My Age?