No Longer Popular

January 1st, 2008

“I used to be a regular guy, then about a year ago, I started losing friends. I attract women easily, then about a year ago, I found it hard getting past the second or third date. Now I’ve withdrawn from people, my self-esteem is bashed, and I don’t even know what to do next. Could you just seriously tell me how to be positively social again? Since I don’t have an idea what I’m doing wrong.”

timi roberts

Chris’ Answer

Timi, I’m assuming you’ve checked all the usual things that cause you to lose friends – bad breath, bad odour, obsession with the films of jean-claude van damme, recently started selling amway etc.

If you’ve eliminated these usual causes, then I’m afraid my friend that you may have contracted “persona non gratis” disease. This is a fairly common condition amongst politicians, insurance salesmen and stockbrokers and eventually results in a complete social segregation, and the purchasing of a stupidly expensive car in a desperate attempt to impress.

Thankfully, there is something you can do. Read a newspaper and find out some interesting things about the world you can share with others. Try to avoid celebrity gossip magazines. Stop watching reality tv. Listen to a great album. Spend less time on Facebook/Warcraft/Second Life. Visit a museum.

Pretty soon you should find your old friends streaming back, and if not, new ones knocking down your door.

Or perhaps that’s one of your friends selling Amway…

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No Longer Popular