Need A Nickname For My Boyfriend

May 25th, 2003

“okay, my problem is a bit like the guy’s whose girlfriend wanted him to call her a cute name…

mine’s harder though!

my boyfriend has a name for me, he calls me “mer (for emma: ’em-mer’), the ‘ickle munchkin”.

he wants me to give him a cute name… not a crappy unoriginal one, a good one…

he’s called ryan, try and involve his name if you can and if it’s any help he’s italian… so go on, try your bestest! cheers…


emmy poo

Chris’ Answer

Emma, thanks for your problem.

We’ve had dozens of similar ones recently, so we’ve created the GORSKYS.COMedy Ultimate Nickname Generator to help you out.

Just fill in the form, and your boyfriend will have a fantastic new nickname in a few moments.

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Need A Nickname For My Boyfriend