New Girl’s A Snake

May 8th, 2004

“I love my job and been working with this company for 10 years. I’ve always worked hard and been exceptional in doing my job. But – there goes the big ‘but’ – a new person started to work for us doing bookkeeping.

She sees how they love and treat me, so she tries to do my job. Yet when it comes to her duties they’re untouchable.

I’m really hurting over this. She comes across nice but she’s the biggest snake.

Please help.”

Briana Bergia

Liam’s Answer

There is nothing worse than working with someone who’s a total bitch. I know. I work with Chris.

It’s being undermined that worst. Of losing your bosses respect just because the new person hasn’t had time to make a mistake yet, and show just how incompetent they are.

What you need to do is show just how incompetent your new colleague is.

Here’s how. She’s the bookkeeper. Start stealing from the company, and see how long she takes to find out. If it takes more than a couple of months, drop a subtle hint to the boss that you think money’s going astray, and the bookkeeper is acting cagey about it.

Your boss will immediately go to her, and ask her what she knows. Of course, she’ll say she knows nothing about it.

“Of course she says that,” you tell your boss. “That’s what makes me suspicious.”

Her days will be numbered from that point on, no matter how it turns out.

But here’s the nail in her coffin.

That money you stole: donate it to a World Vision charity in her name, and get a receipt. Leave it in the bottom of her desk drawer. Not only will there then be incriminating evidence of her theft, but after she’s gone, each month you’ll get a lovely little reminder of how the money you stole is helping the villagers dig a new well.

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New Girl’s A Snake