Need A Game To Play In Class

June 14th, 2003

“A mate and I spend basically the whole day together most of the week in school due to almost identical timetables.

We’re sick of filling our time with learning and would like something better to do with the time.

Please create a game that won’t get us expelled and that will occupy us for 6 hours.”

Daniel Kahn

Liam’s Answer

I’m sure you’ve heard of “Bullshit Bingo”. There’s a list of words, and when you cross them all out, you can cry out “bingo”. It’s great for meetings at work. As soon as you hear “game plan”, “result-driven”, “proactive”, “think outside the box”, and “empower”, you can yell out bingo, and win a demotion.

And it’s a pity that you’ve heard of it, because if you hadn’t, I could steal the idea, and suggest you play “English Literature Bingo”, “Biology Bingo” and “Mathematics Bingo” (which is basically just normal bingo – as your teacher says numbers in class, you can cross them off).

Instead, I have to be a bit original.


When I was at bored in class at school, I used to amuse myself by fantasizing that I was shagging (name suppressed to protect the innocent). Of course, it helped that she was in my class, but perhaps you could do that too.

Chris’ Answer

There’s nothing worse than being bored at school. Except being bored and straight. My advice is to smoke a joint between each class.

If your school frowns upon smoking, a hash cookie at little lunch and big lunch is a good alternative.

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Need A Game To Play In Class