My Phone Loves Me

January 1st, 2002

“My phone is attracted to my crotch. How can I solve this? Every time my phone is on a table or away from my it doesn’t do anything. As soon as I put the phone in my pocket i get a call from an unknown number, i have come to the conclusion that my phone fancies me. is this true?”

Moblie Madness

Chris Answer

I have a similar problem with my movement-sensing bedlights. Whenever I enter the room, they get turned on.

Liam’s Answer

It’s tough being a mobile phone. You sit there, ready for anything for days at a time. But every few months, you get traded in for a new, thinner, sleeker model.

No wonder your phone is acting ‘clingy’.

My advice is end it now before it all ends in tears. Trade up to a Nokia.

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My Phone Loves Me