Mum Talks about Sex Inappropriately

February 1st, 2004

“My mum always asks me about sex and stuff and its embarrassing. She
normally does it in front of my boyfriends”

Hannah Sturges

Chris’ Answer

I think it’s very sad that your Mum needs to ask her daughter
about sex. She has obviously done it at least once, and its time your
Father had a very stern talking to about his responsibilities in the

But to get her back for talking about sex in front of your boyfriends,
why not ask her about her sex life when your grandparents next come
round for dinner.

James’ Answer

It’s not easy to forge a relationship with a person when your
mum insists on doing it in front of your boyfriends. I think you should
either make sure your boyfriend brings over an older friend for your
mum to have a go on, or set up a glass screen in front of her and
charge $2 a go.

James Hazelden is February’s guest problem solver.

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Mum Talks about Sex Inappropriately