Mum & Dad Caught Me

August 22nd, 2002

“Hey Liam, HELP!

I was so embarrassed when it happened! See, I was fooling around with a lad I met on holiday. We were on the couch and all of a sudden someone walked in on us. It turned out to be my little sister.

She ran out and into mam and dad’s bedroom shouting “The boy is putting something in between Sammy’s legs!”

Mam and Dad came down furious and said I should be more careful because my sister is too young too know.

I however was so embarrassed I couldn’t look at them in the face! What should I do to stop the embarrassment?”


Liam’s Answer

You have the best parents in the world. They catch you in middle of shagging, and your Dad’s angry because your young sister saw you too.

I wish my ex-girlfriend’s parents were so considerate.

Instead, I’m still getting death threats.

Chris’ Answer

You need to talk this through with your parents. You need to sit down with them one night, and explain to them your need for privacy, and for your own room.

You need to help them to understand that you’re now a woman, and you have to explore the world and the people in it. After a while, your parents will understand your maturity and sense, and see you as the wonderful, sexually active woman you are.

Then, there will be a mutual moment of respect between two adults, and you will realise that there is no longer any need for embarrassment.

Or, you could run away from home.

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Mum & Dad Caught Me