Will Marry For Visa

May 24th, 2003


i am junaid pakistani boy i want to marry with a girl who live in usa or england or other develop country i will give her a lot of love i also want to go in abroad i am 18 boy”

junaid junaid

Liam’s Answer

What a pity I’m not a woman. Your ad sounds so compelling.

Searching for wives on the Internet is the best use of technology I’ve seen for a long time. However, writing to to men on a comedy web site is what I’d call a low return option.

Instead, why not be a bit more innovative.

Set up a match-making web site that hooks up Pakistani men with American and English women. Call it “will-marry-for-working-visa.com”.

Thousands of women will sign up if you advertise it in the right places. Try outlets with lots of poor and unattractive women, like Weight Watchers newsletters, social welfare offices, and Wal-mart stores.

Good luck.

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Will Marry For Visa