Christians and Muslims: Making It Work

May 8th, 2004

“My boyfriend is Muslim, I’m Christian. How do we make the relationship work?”

Natasha White

Liam’s Answer

If my understanding of religious history is correct, Christians first started slaughtering Muslims in the Crusades in about 1095.

Which means there’s about a thousand years of religious persecution, holy wars and intefadahs underlying your relationship.

There’s a lot of room for a small misunderstanding between you to get nasty, if you don’t watch out. Even just bringing each other breakfast in bed could be a disaster. Burn the toast, and it’s likely to bring up that whole “roast the heathens alive” debate. A small spill of the orange juice could bring forth accusations that you’re trying to drown each other. And who knows what could happen if you cry out “Oh God!” during sex. Orgasm would be delayed for hours while your boyfriend insists you scream “Allah!” instead.

I suggest you both convert to Judaism to avoid fights.

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Christians and Muslims: Making It Work