Make Lecturer Interesting

April 23rd, 2003

“Hi guys, I have THE most boring lecturer.

No one can stand him… everyone falls asleep in his lectures – but he does not take any notice of this… he just continues with his mumblings. What can I do?”

Chris Smith

Liam’s Answer

I had boring lecturer at uni. I borrowed Caroline Edward’s notes from the previous semester, and stopped going to lectures.

The night before the exam, I read her notes, and they were boring too. So I watched TV instead.

I failed, and dropped out of uni. But it was better than being bored.

Chris’ Answer

Why don’t you do what I do? When I have to sit through a boring lecture or speech, I drop a tab of acid. Nothings boring when it’s being said by a multi-headed dragon, and the wall keeps changing colour.

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Make Lecturer Interesting